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To provide for the control of jewellers.

[2ND JULY, 1917.]

1. Short title.

This Ordinance may be cited as the Jewellers (Licensing) Ordinance.

2. Interpretation.

For the purposes of this Ordinance--

"jeweller"shall mean any person who for reward or profit--

(a)makes or repairs jewellery, or

(b)alters or converts jewellery from one form to another, or,

(c)buys or sells or otherwise deals in gold, silver, or other precious metals or in articles made wholly or partly of such metals, or

(d)repairs clocks or watches;

"jewellery"shall mean any article used or capable of being used in the opinion of the Court for personal adornment and made partly or wholly of gold, silver or other precious metal;

"Licensing officer"shall mean the officer-in-charge of police district for the district wherein the jeweller resides or carries on business, or where there is no such officer, the District Officer.

3. Licences.

(1) All jewellers shall obtain from the Licensing Officer a licence in the form prescribed by the Schedule.

(2) Such licence shall be taken out annually and shall bear the date of the day of issue and shall remain in force only until the 31st day of December in each year.

4. Issue and condition of licence.

(1) The Licensing Officer may issue licences to such persons in such localities upon payment of the prescribed fees and upon such terms as, subject to the order of the Governor, he may think fit.

(2) A separate licence shall be taken out by a jeweller for each jeweller's shop kept by him.

(3) The Governor may order that any licence granted under this section be revoked without assigning any reason for such order.

5. Police to inform jeweller of property lost, etc., and jeweller's duty thereafter.

Information as to property lost, stolen or otherwise unlawfully disposed of shall be given by the police as soon as possible after such loss, theft or unlawful disposal to all jewellers together with lists and descriptions of such property and any jeweller possessing or having been shown or offered any such property shall forthwith give such information at the nearest police station or to any police officer together with the name and address or in default a description of the person having so shown or offered such property.

6. Duty of jeweller in regard to suspected persons.

Any jeweller having reasonable cause to suspect that the person offering any jewellery is not the lawful owner thereof shall forthwith arrest and detain such person together with such jewellery, and deliver him and such jewellery to the nearest police officer.

7. Power of police to enter and search.

Any police officer not under the rank of corporal may enter any jeweller's shop at any time between the hours of sunrise and sunset and may search without warrant the house, shop or premises of such jeweller for any jewellery reasonably suspected to be therein and to have been dishonestly obtained or placed there.

8. Jewellers may be ordered to restore jewellery to its lawful owners.

Offences against the provisions of this Ordinance may be tried before the court of any magistrate and such court may on being satisfied that jewellery found in the possession or care of any jeweller has been unlawfully obtained from the owner thereof order its restoration to such owner without any payment made therefor or upon such terms as to the court may seem just in the circumstances of each case.

9. Penalty for carrying on business without a licence.

Any person required by the provisions of this Ordinance to take out a licence and carrying on the business of a jeweller without having previously obtained a licence according to such provisions or having duly obtained such licence continuing to carry on such business after revocation thereof shall be liable on conviction to a fine of five hundred dollars and to imprisonment for six months.

10. Power to make rules.

The Governor may make rules for the following purposes--

(a)prescribing that registers be kept by jewellers in such form and giving all such particulars as he may think fit; (b)prescribing the fees to be paid under section 4 (1);

(c)prescribing penalties for the breach of any such rules;

(d)generally for more effectually carrying out the purposes of this Ordinance.


…………………….residing at………………………in the district of………………………is hereby licensed to carry on the trade of a jeweller as defined by section 2 of the above-named Ordinance according to the provisions of such Ordinance from the……… of……………..19…..until and including the 31st day of December, 19…….

Licensing Officer.